uk property repossessions


UK Property Repossessions

"How to find Repossessed Properties"

A special report on how to find hidden repossessed properties in the UK

... the first such report available to the public

Buying repossessed properties is an excellent way to get huge bargains.

But how to find them is an increasing problem. In the old days it was fairly simple. There was no big secret. It was usually just stated on the property sale particulars.

But more recently the mortgage lenders have stopped revealing if the properties they're selling are repossessions.

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Basically because it doesn't look good for their image. These guys are the friendly banks and building societies who spend fortunes on advertising. They want to be thought of as home makers not home takers.

In fact finding out which properties have been repossessed has now become a big problem for bargain hunters.

So we decided to look into the whole subject. As a result of our detailed research we've written;

"How to find Repossessed Properties - a special report"

This covers the entire area in detail. It's sections include:

  • What is Repossessed Property?

  • Should you feel guilty about buying a repossessed property? (No!)

  • Nine specific ways to find repossessed properties

  • How to cut out the middleman

  • Are repossessed properties really cheaper?

  • What to watch out for

This highly focussed briefing also comes with a list of useful contacts and tools to help you locate the bargains.

This is the first report on this highly lucrative subject that's been made available to the public. There have been others but these have been privately commissioned by insiders in the property business for a huge price. (Not surprising when you think about how much can be made).

It's 2,500 words. That's about 12 pages. It may not seem like a lot but it's got everything you need to know. (Plus there's another 6 pages of useful contacts etc).

We could have made it longer by adding in loads of "waffle". But frankly we're not interested in wasting your time.

It doesn't contain one thousand things you can do that might work for you. Instead it's Step one do this. Step two, do this. Step three, do this and so on.

The report is for sale at £19.95. The information it contains could make you many thousands so perhaps it should cost more. However we think that's a fair price.

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